Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Email Client Software Problems...Part 2

This is now the second part of the story on email client software problems, if you haven't read the first part, you may do so by clicking here.

Mail box gets full.

Some people are wondering why their email box is full even if they check their email everyday? And whenever someone is sending them an email, they say it bounces back because the email box is filled! Actually this is how emails work. Once you receive an email it is stored on the email POP3 server. Either on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your hosting company. This is what has limited disk space, what ever they offered you, that usually range from 2MB to 25MB and in some cases it may even reach 100MB. Whenever you download your email on your email software, it connects to this disk space and retrieves all the messages. And once you do, they are still there. Once you delete them on your email software, that's when the email software tells the server to deleted them too on the next time you connect and retrieve your emails again.

But what if you want your emails to be deleted automatically once you receive them on your email software? To do this, you must set your email software not to leave mails on the server. Although this could be done on most email client softwares, the procedure I am going to give you is for MS Outlook and Outlook Express. Once you know this it would be a lot easier to figure this out on your own using your own email software.

First is click on Tools then Accounts or Email Accounts.

A dialog box will open and choose View or change existing e-mail accounts, then click on Next.

What will come out is a list of email accounts configured on your email software. If you see tabs there, click on the Mail tab.

Now click on the desired email account and click on Change.

Now click on the More Settings button.

Then with the new window open, go to the Advanced tab and uncheck Leave a copy of messages on the server and click on OK.

Then simply close the Email Accounts dialog box and you're done!

You keep on downloading the same messages over and over again.

Have you ever experienced, downloading all your 100+ emails until you get them all, then the next day, you start downloading 200+ including your emails yesterday! Then the next day you download 300+!

This problem occurs when your email software fails to finish deleting the emails on the server, due to a slow bandwidth connection causing connection timeouts, or unstatble connections of ISPs because of the phone, or whatever reason. Bottomline is that the deleting of emails by the email software and sending the status that emails were downloaded already was not finished.

This usually occurs when you are downloading so many emails. And this usually happens when you do not get to download your emails often. And when this happens eventually your email box gets full. And this is what to do to fix it.

1) Connect and just download all your mails and do nothing else and make it finish downloading and deleting all emails. But if it still doesn't work and for some reason it never finishes and hangs, that's when you do step 2.

2) Connect to your email using your web browsers. Some ISPs give web-based access to your POP3 accounts. Some hosting companies do to. My hosting company offers web-based email for all my clients through whatever their domain name is. And from there, delete your unimportant emails there. If it goes to a trash folder, delete the contents of the trash folder too. Then check your email again on your email software. That should make email downloading faster and eventually finish downloading all of them on your email software. After doing this, if you still cannot completely download all your emails, I guess it is time to delete all of them. You may not be able to see read them all if you are in a hurry, but it is better than not receiving emails at all forever. If you need to do this, check the next step.

3) You can actually delete all your emails using a web-based email service, but it would be faster if you contact the ISP or hosting company to simply tell them to delete the account and create it again. Some hosting companies like my company gives the client full freedom to delete and create email accounts on their own through their web-based control panel. Once you do this, just create the account again and everything should be running fine again and just check your email more ofter to avoid this to happen all over again.

For questions of having your own POP3 accounts using your own domains like, feel free to contact me so we could set this up at a very reasonable cheap price. :-) Benj Arriola


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