Thursday, May 20, 2004

Spybot Update Not Working?

To my first batch of PC Networks and Troubleshooting, if you have been using Spybot the past few days and tried updating it, and it says no updates are available. Then after doing this after a long time you still get the same message, your Spybot version might be an old version. The ones first distributed on the CDs I burned were version 1.2. The latest is 1.3. I found this out after running spybot on different computer units and some were scanning and searching for spyware in a database of 12,000+ known spywares. In some computers, it was only searching in a database of 5,000+ known spywares. So I tried updating the one that only knows 5,000+ spywares and noticed it could not update itself. I then decided to visit their website and found out that version 1.3 has just came out.

I installed version 1.3 and noticed the following:

1. The new version has a registry backup feature, so if ever Spybot messes up your registry, you could restore it to it's previous state.

2. It uses the new system restore of Windows XP and 2000. Spybot creates restore points before doing that could also be potentially bad for Windows. So it could use system restore in the future just in case you need it.

3. It now has a real-time scanner installed.

4. Even software usage logs could be detected and erased.

5. Has support for Opera and Mozilla Browsers.

Generally, Spybot just seemed to get a lot more smarter! Try it out. Go to the Security-Related Software Downloads, or simply click here.


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