Thursday, May 20, 2004

Security-Related Software Downloads

In PC Networks and Troubleshooting, I always ask my students to submit a blank CD and I will copy on them softwares that I commonly use in the subject PC networks and troubleshooting.

I update the contents of the CD a bit often, so if you are an old student, the software I gave you may no longer be updated. But as long as you visit this website, I will keep you updated with the softwares I use. And here are direct downloads for some of the security-related softwares that I copy on the CD.

Security-Related Software Downloads

O AVG Anti-Virus Software
A free anti-virus software that could be updated. Works as well as the popular McAfee and Norton Anti-Virus Softwares.
Official Website:
O Ad-Aware
The main anti-spyware software I use. This is freeware and comes with free updates as well.
Official Website:
O Spybot
There are just some spywares that Ad-Aware cannot see. And there are also spywares that Spybot can see and Ad-Aware cannot. Thus it is best to have both Ad-Aware and Spybot installed on your computer. Has free updates too.
Official Website:
O SpywareBlaster
Ad-Aware and Spybot can detect and remove spyware, but SpywareBlaster keeps them from coming in. Something that both Ad-Aware and Spybot cannot do. So it is also good to install this on your system. This does not only support Microsoft Internet Explorer, but Netscape Navigator, Opera and Mozilla browsers as well. Also has free updates.
Official Website:
O LANGuard Network Security Scanner
This software scans your computer for all security threats. It gives proper recommendations and all supporting documentation links on the web. You will first download the evaluation copy and once it expires it will become freeware (if not purchased) and will limit it's capabilities, but is still good enough to help you in many network security issues.
Official Website:
O DComBobulator
Running DCom on your system gives you the potential threat of being hacked using the same system used in the remote desktop feature of Windows XP. If you do not use the remote desktop, I suggest turn off DCom and use DComBobulator.
Official Website:
O Shoot the Messenger
Running MSN Messenger, now called Windows Messenger on your system gives you the potential threat of being hacked. If you do not use windows messenger (I do, so I do not use "Shoot the Messenger"), I suggest turn off Windows Messenger that runs by default. If you use Windows Messenger like me, do not worry that much as long as you have SpywareBlaster, Spybot and Ad-Aware on it, you should be safe.
Official Website:
O UnPlug n' Pray
Microsoft came out with the Universal Plug n' Play, a good idea, but also a good gateway to hackers. Again, if you are not using it, disable it. And use this to disable it.
Official Website:
O XPDite
One vulnerability of Windows XP, is that using simple JavaScript code, you can delete hard disk files of the visitor of the website. Although if you update your windows often at the Windows Update site, you should have no problem. The Service Pack 1 (SP1) should take care of this. This is also an equivalent patch for SP1 and it first came out before SP1 did. Anyway, I do suggest to download SP1 from Microsoft instead for Windows XP users.
Official Website:
O SpamPal
Still annoyed by spammers? Height increase, waistline decrease, breast size increase, penis lengthener, Nigerian scam, Viagra, Xanax, HGH, pharmacies, multi-level marketing, network marketing, networking, get rich with eBay, search engine ranking, porn, online dating, voyeur cameras, spamlist for sale. SpamPal segregates them all! SpamPal is smart enough to distinguish spam from not spam using it's large database of IP addresses of spammers, and in my case, it is about 90% of the time accurate. There is some 10% error here and there, but could be corrected manually if ever this occurs. This only works with those who use POP3 email softwares like Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.
Official Website:

If ever you think I mentioned some software in class that I didn't place any link on this website, email me about so I could include this on the site. If ever you find any other software with the same purpose and is better than what I recommend, why not share it too. I am sharing this information to you, so why not share your information to me too!


At 3:34 AM, Blogger Fleadis said...

sir, i just want to know if avg can be at par with norton... well, with norton we have to register it and have to pay for it unlike avg which is for free. can you recommend avg? my norton is expiring so i want to know if it would be a good move to switch to avg... just asking...

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Fleadis said...

you know what sir??? i downloaded avg and i found out that avg is better than norton. why? well my computer boots faster now and it reads faster and avg is also up to date when it comes to virus. so guys, i suggest that you better get a copy of avg free edition now. it's free!!!

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Benj Arriola said...

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At 11:45 PM, Blogger Benj Arriola said...

I was just about to reply to your comment since I read your first comment this morning. And even before replying, you already knew the answer as stated in your second posting. Yes AVG is very good, as well as Norton Anti-Virus, but Norton is not free. Although AVG has a paid version, the paid version is mainly for technical support.

One thing I like though with Norton and McAfee is their websites on the information of viruses. And even if i am running AVG, I still have Norton SystemWorks without the Anti-Virus software. Because the one-botton checkup of Norton is still too good to live without.


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