Sunday, June 06, 2004

Macromedia Flash 3rd Party Softwares

Knowing Macromedia Flash will already get you places, but if you check out sites like 2Advanced, you still keep wondering how other things were made.

Knowing Flash alone keeps your designs limited to only what Flash can do, and there are other 3rd Party softwares out there that can help you create better looking Flash projects. Here are the tools I have been using as well as the resource websites I use for creating my Flash projects.

3rd Party Softwares and Websites for Macromedia Flash

O Glanda
A software that creates Flash files for you with tons of built-in effects and templates.
Official Website:
O SWFDecompiler
A software that extracts symbols within an .swf file from any website having Flash. Where you could re-use these symbols for other Flash files you create.
Official Website:
O Swish Softwares
They have four main softwares, Max, Studio, Pix and Sites. All very powerful and if a tough competitor of Sothink.
Official Website:
O WildForm Softwares
They have even more softwares. All very powerful and have more variety of softwares compared to Sothink and Swish.
Official Website:
O Swift3D
Probably the leader in creating 3D animations for Flash which is actually a 2D animation software.
Official Website:
O SoundForge
Originally owned by SonicFoundry, is now under MediaSoft of Sony. This is a sound editing software since sound really enhances the Flash experience. A good sound editing software is needed to create the sound clips you need to edit.
Official Website:
O AdobeAudition
Originally owned by Syntrillium and called CoolEdit. This is now under Adobe and now called AdobeAudition. A tough competitor of SoundForge and is also a top choice of Flash animators.
Official Website:
O Anfy Softwares
Was first know for AnfyJava, that creates many visual effects for websites made in Java. They now have AnfyFlash that also creates excellent Flash presentations.
Official Website:
O FlashKit
If you are looking for a good Flash resource website, this is a one-stop shop. It also has many tutorials. I mainly use this site looking for sound effects and riffs.
Official Website:
O PhilWeavers
The Philippines' best Flash designers are here. There is a mailing list where many Flash designers teach each other online on the mailing list.
Official Website:
O Webmonkey
Good for beginners. Has good tutorials on anything related to web-development and designing.
Official Website:
Thanks to everyone that helped me learn all about Flash. I started out with a simple tutorial from Dollie, then the workshop of ICSHere, Inc. by Mitch, Eric who answer all my inquiries, and Informatics Computer Institute - Commonwealth that help me practice more through teaching, thus I also thank my students who asked some challenging questions that made me push myself a bit further in learning more about Flash.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Mayrenissa Gabriel said...

sir, just wanna ask if u know some related programs that will connect sounds to FLASH coz i have hard time using coffecup in playing sounds as .swf files. And when i will transfer files on web the thing is not playing.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Benj Arriola said...

Hello May, first is, I do not use CoffeeCup, although they have pretty nice softwares for various purposes related to web designing and development. I cannot really picture what is your problem. But in running the ordinary Macromedia Flash software, adding sound is simply importing it. I usually import them first to the library so I can listen to the clips first before importing, especially if there are many clips. If you are happy with the clip, simply drag it to a blank layer and control the sound in the timeline from there.

Usually sounds added for two general purposes. 1) As sound effects triggered by certain events, or 2) as some kind of background music. Sound effects are usually sounds that run for a few seconds, so file sizes as low, and loading is fast. Now if we are talking about background music, this is a different issue.

Now May, my guess is that you are adding a song as a background sound. Now remember songs are a bit large in file size. .mp3 is smaller than a .wav file. .mid is small but the sound is limited to midi sound. So if you are importing an mp3 song, maybe it does work online, but it takes a long time to load, before you hear it working. That is why many websites do not use complete songs as background music. They just use repeating 'riffs', or portions of songs and let it loop. Since this is just a portion, the file is smaller and faster to download. Once downloaded, it could play on forever.

I hope I answered your question. I think I mentioned this in class in the last day. You were not listening. LOL :)) Joke lang.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Mayrenissa Gabriel said...

sir paano naman po ung may loading as intro does it need actionscripts?

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Benj Arriola said...

May, ganito yan. you will need ActionScript but very minimal. When I was thinking on what I will type, without actually showing you how, I decided to not reply first since it wil be a long reply, and a lot may be interested in this too, so I will post it as a new article on this site. Keep visiting the site and I will post this article very soon.

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