Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I Resigned

Hello Students,

I submitted my resignation letter last May 29, 2004 since I can no longer work with so many other jobs I have been working on at my company, YDS Web Solution and OmniDomain.biz. It was a move that I am not in favor of since I do not want to go back to the heavy workload life I had before on Action Online, but I have too since I have a family that both me and my wife have to feed.

But as I promised, this website will not go away. As I have told my students already that this site will be my support to you with tips in all the subjects I teach, even if I am at Informatics or not. You could still ask me questions from time to time if you are having trouble with what you have learned at Informatics.

Now I will still continue my unfinished classes at Informatics so do not worry if we still have classes going on. But I will not accept new schedules anymore.

Now about the special cases:

Ms. Owen Igdameo: I owe you a special class in PowerPoint I believe. You were absent, I will schedule that right away.

Mrs. Rosary and Ms. Rose Quiambao: I owe you both a class in Excel. I will also schedule that right away.

Mrs. Dalisay Nazareno: All our lessons are actually done and we are visiting some useful sites. Just tell me the topics and I will look for the useful sites. Although I think we are schedule to end at June 10, but perhaps we could end the class like on June 3? I cannot come to class on June 1. Anyway I will text the website addresses to visit for the topics you mentioned. And you could also fill up the Student Feedback Form as well, which has to be submitted before the class ends. And on June 3, I will finalize everything, with a rundown of everything I have taught you Ma'am as well as answer all your questions if ever you still have any.

To the incoming students who expected me to be your teacher: I may not be your teacher, but I am sure you will have a good if not better teacher. Just keep in mind that everyday is continuous learning. And that the best investment in life is education. No one can steal it from you, and the more you know, the better future it brings you. So study hard, puhunan mo 'yan sa buhay (that's your investment in life).


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