Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Latest PC Networks and Troubleshooting CD

To XP2PC (PC Networks and Troubleshooting) Students

The new CD is out. For existing students, get your CDs at Informatics - Commonwealth from Bong Aures. For old students that want newer versions of the CD, you could bring a blank CD again to me, and I will give you a copy, but this time it is not for free to the old students. I will charge only a super cheap price of P35 per copy, you bring your own blank CD. If you want me to supply the blank CD, the price is P50.

What's new in the CD.

1. Acronym Genie
2. Adobe Reader 6.0 (Replaced current that had problems.)
3. AVG Anti-Virus
4. Latest ChikkaText (Replaced older version)
5. CutePDF (Replaced Go2PDF)
6. DirectX9.0b
7. GFI Network Security Scanner
8. Networking Handouts (Added networking modules)
9. LeechGet2004 Downloader
10. Opera Browser
11. SpyBot version 1.3 (Replaced older 1.2)
12. SpywareBlaster
12. Trillian V.74H (Not only patch, installer as well.)
13. WinZip 9.0 (Replaced older 8.0)
14. ZoneAlarm

Links going to these softwares will also be posted here soon.


At 9:48 PM, Blogger Fleadis said...

is avg better than norton? with norton, we have to register it right? meaning, we have to buy it... is avg at par with norton in terms of virus protection? havent tried avg but i'm planning to switch to it since my norton is expiring soon... thanks in advance for the tips...


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